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LTL Shipping

Do you want to keep your company's shipping costs as low as possible?

Less-Than-Load (LTL) shipping is a great way to do just that.

Here's Why:

LTL Shipping is essential if your load weighs between 152 and 20,000 lbs (68kg-9,072 kg). If your shipment falls within this range, you won't need an entire shipping container and paying for one could be an enormous waste of money. Instead, you
should choose LTL shipping which allows you to
only pay for the space the you actually need.

Simply put, LTL shipping saves you money.

How does LTL Shipping work?

An LTL carrier combines goods from many different customers on one truck. Each individual customer's payment is then calculated based on weight, distance, classification of freight, and accessorials (varying fees for incidentals on the road). While an LTL shipment may take a little longer to reach its destination, the substantial savings more than make up for it. ?

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