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FTL Shipping

Is your shipment large enough to take up an entire truckload?

FTL Shipping is definitely an option
that you should consider.

Here's Why:

  • With FTL Shipping, your shipment is only handled at the pickup and drop-off points, which decreases the possibility of in-transit damage.
  • In many cases, FTL shipping is the most affordable option for large shipments.
  • Most of the time, FTL shipping is a faster option than splitting your shipment among various smaller truckloads.

How Does FTL Shipping Work?

  • Full Truckload Shipping is exactly as its name indicates - your shipment will take up an entire truckload.
  • Your shipment will be loaded at your pickup point and driven directly to your drop-off point.
  • At no point during the transport will your products be transfered to another truck,
    or handled in any other way.
  • Your shipment will never be mixed with any other goods, and no extraneous stops on the shipping route will be made.

The result: an affordable, fast, efficient shipping option.

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Why should you use Prompt Logistics for your FTL Shipping?

  • We make the FTL shipping process fast, simple, and affordable. With Prompt Logistics you'll get:
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  • A selection of affordable shipping options. You'll receive a full listing of options which meet your needs, and be able to choose the one which is best for you.
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