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At Prompt Logistics our goal is to make the shipping process easy and stress-free for all our customers.

If you need help or have any questions please click on the following links or feel free to contact us at 1844-500-7447 (1844-500-SHIP) or email us at [email protected].

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is Less Than Load (LTL) shipping?

LTL (Less-Than-Truckload) are freight shipments ranging from 100 lbs. to 20,000 lbs. When the item you need shipped or transported is too large to take to the post office or parcel delivery company, freight makes more economical sense. Freight shipping is the easier and more economical way to move large and/or bulky items quickly and efficiently.

What is Intermodal Shipping?

Intermodal shipping entails shipping the same container through different modes of transportation i.e. truck and/or rail. The container remains sealed throughout the journey so the contents are secure at all times.

What is the best way to package my items?

All items being shipped need to be properly and securely packaged in order to prevent damage during the journey. All freight should be packaged, crated, or stacked and secured onto pallets with banding, shrink-wrap or breakaway adhesive. It is imperative to place clear, legible labels on every freight piece. Improper or shoddy packaging may decrease or even nullify the carrier’s liability for damage or loss.

Should I estimate the weight of my shipment?

It is mandatory to determine the exact weight of your shipment. Your shipment will most likely be re-weighed at some point during the transport process. If you estimated your shipment’s weight inaccurately, it’s likely that you will be re-billed at the carrier’s non-discounted rate for the difference.

What is a Bill of Lading (BOL)?

A bill of lading is standard, mandatory paperwork providing the carrier and driver with all pertinent information related to the shipping costs and information. This paperwork allows for proper billing to be processed by the shipping company and Prompt Logistics. Buyer, seller and carrier should all have copies of the BOL. The Prompt Logistics BOL must be given to the carrier at the time of pickup.

How do I determine my freight class/NMFC number?

When determining your freight class, be as specific and accurate as possible in your description to avoid extra shipping costs by the shipping company. If you are unsure of your freight class, call one of our customer service reps. They will help determine your class so you may avoid any extra charges later in the process.

Note: Freight class is configured by the combination of weight, value, density, likelihood of damage, and ease of moving. All items are specifically classified and assigned a category code by the National Motor Freight Traffic Association (NMFC) as a freight industry standard. You must abide by these categories with any shipment.

How important is it to use the paperwork provided by Prompt Logistics?

In order to keep shipping costs low, you must make sure the shipper uses only the Prompt Logistics BOL and all relevant Prompt Logistics paperwork when authorizing the freight to the driver at pickup. Not using our paperwork could result in hassles, holdups and extra shipping costs from freight companies.

Is there a fee for residential services?

Yes, there are residential delivery fees for apartments, residences, remote locations. Furthermore, the cost of shipping can also change when delivering to limited-access locations. Our customer service reps can assist you in determining if this applies to your place of pick-up or delivery.

How much advance notice do you need to schedule a pickup?

Depending on the time of booking, it is possible to arrange for same-day pickup. Always speak to a Prompt Logistics agent for special arrangements and emergency or urgent bookings.

Do I need to be present at time of pickup?

Someone who is authorized to sign over the shipment and Prompt Logistics BOL must be present at pickup. If the driver arrives at the pickup location and either the freight is not ready or there is no one available to sign the BOL, he/she will not necessarily wait. If the pickup is then re-dispatched, you might incur a TONU (Truck Order Not Used) fee.

Are transit times guaranteed?

Unless specifically noted on the freight option you selected when booking your shipment, transit times are estimates and cannot be guaranteed. Please note that freight shipping transit times begin the day after picking up your freight.

(See terms and conditions for further information.)

Is my shipment insured?

The individual Carrier's governing tariff will apply when determining Carrier liability.

(See terms and conditions for further information.)

How are claims handled?

If your shipment arrives damaged, you must first accept the shipment in order to document the claim. A claim must be filed with the Freight Carrier within 48 hours of delivery.

(See terms and conditions for further information.)

Who will actually transport my shipment?

Prompt Logistics is not a Contract Carrier, a Common Carrier, or a Motor Carrier but contracts with various freight carriers (“Carriers”) on behalf of the Customer to arrange transport of goods in interstate and foreign commerce.

Are your rates guaranteed?

Prompt Logistics is able to secure largely discounted shipping rates. Your shipping quote is based on the information provided to Prompt Logistics at the time of booking. Any changes or differences in the weight, class, size, or location can result in additional shipping costs direct from the carrier. To ensure that your shipping rates stay as originally quoted, be sure to use the Prompt Logistics BOL provided. This lets the carrier know to bill Prompt at the pre-negotiated freight rates and discounts.

Are there any hidden/incidental fees?

Additional fees may apply for other charges including appointment delivery, reweighs and reclassifications, lift gate services, inside delivery or various other accessorial services. Our customer service reps can give you more information on when and how these costs are incurred, as well as when you will be notified if you will be billed.

How can I avoid receiving a re-bill?

The best way to avoid a change in shipping rates is to ensure that all information given to Prompt Logistics at the time of booking is 100% complete and accurate. When scheduling your freight shipping, make sure you are completely accurate about the contents, size, and weight of your freight.

The needs of my business are very specialized. Can Prompt Logistics accommodate me?

Prompt Logistics is a full freight brokerage that manages truckload, international, and specialty shipments. We will find you a cost-effective solution no matter what you are shipping. We offer our customers an unparalleled combination of price, value, and service.

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Shipping page

From FTL to LTL, Prompt Logistics offers multiple shipping types to meet your needs. We work around the clock to ensure your goods are shipped to meet your deadline. Have a custom shipping requirement? Our experienced customer service team is here to help!

Once you have chosen the shipping type that is right for you, simply sign in to the dashboard or go to the Instant Quote page to “Get a New Quote.” You will receive a highly competitive freight rate that will meet your budget.

Tracking page

By signing in to the Prompt Logistics dashboard you can benefit from our advanced, easy to use tracking tool:

  • Track your shipments from your desktop or mobile phone at any time
  • Learn your shipments approximate location
  • Get detailed tracking history

If you have any questions about the progress of your shipment and would like to speak to a customer service representative feel free to contact us now.

Billing & Payment Page

Prompt Logistics has a range of flexible and secure payment options:

  • Check: You can send checks through the postal service. This payment method can be used in conjunction with any billing and payment schedule.
  • Payment Card: You can arrange to have payments automatically debited from a payment card or you can make a one time payment. Payment cards accepted include MasterCard®, Visa®, American Express® and Discover®.
  • Wire or ACH: Please contact a customer service representative for further details

To discuss payment options with a customer service representative contact us now.

Technical Support

Prompt Logistics takes pride in our easy, and stress free, end-to-end shipping solutions. From our free online quote calculator which displays a competitive quote instantaneously, to our simple to manage shipping solution which allows you to compare quotes, make bookings, and track your orders in real time, we ensure that your shipping needs are addressed efficiently and cost effectively.

Should you require technical support, Prompt Logistics give you 3 options to connect with us:

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